Personal Touch

Tell me a little bit about your clients.... We used to hear this all the time, but nowadays, nobody really cares who is buying their house - they just care how much they're willing to pay. But sometimes, the personal...

Furnished or Unfurnished?

Think about this from your perspective: would you benefit from buying a furnished house or condo? Many sellers or lessors believe that leaving the furniture behind means more $$$ for them. I beg to differ... (more…)

Chasing The Market

SEVENTY-SIX That is how many showings I had on my condo listing before it expired, without a sale. SEVENTY-SIX showings!  And not a sniff of an offer. Do you think, maybe, perhaps, this unit was over-priced? (more…)

GST, PST, HST….Debate!

Perhaps you were all waiting for me to address this topic, so I will unhappily oblige. I expect it to spark debate, although I'm fairly certain that all the debaters will situate themselves on the same side of the fence....