“Daddy Divorceville”

Many neighbourhoods or pockets of Toronto have nicknames; some good, some, rather unflattering. This unique offshoot of Leaside has a cynical and somewhat unfortunate nickname, but don't blame me - I didn't make it up! (more…)

Quick Hits!

This week's Quick Hits includes stories about $1 Billion products, and products that are FREE!  Then, there are products that are for sale, but are broken, and disguised as working... Who says honesty is the best policy? (more…)

Bemoaning BMO

The Bank of Montreal has a new, special mortgage out right now that is getting rave reviews.....from BMO... But there are a lot of hidden issues with this product, and I'm going to expose them....right NOW! (more…)

Blessing In Disguise!

My renovation nightmare turned into a financial windfall! Who knew that the lazy, unprofessional work of a never-to-be-hired-again contractor would leave me smiling in the end? (more…)