Private Storage Lockers

They're large, they're private, and they're secure.  But best of all, private storage lockers are convenient! Excuse the 18-pack of Dove Soap and the extra large bottle of Frank's Red Hot in this video... (more…)

Hire A Realtor!

Last month I wrote a post called "Fire Your Realtor; Fire Your Client," and it is entirely coincidental that I found myself writing this post today. This isn't meant to be a public service announcement, but rather a question: why not have...

That’s The Price To Pay!

How much would you discount a great condominium unit if it looked out directly at a construction site? Short of actually getting inside this giant hole, I couldn't have gotten much closer to the action... (more…)

(Yet Another) Conflict of Interest

I hope I'm not opening a can of worms here, but I think the Realtor-haters will have a field day with this one. I've always thought pre-construction condo sales commissions represent a conflict of interest when they pay more money...