Conflict Of Interest

Dual agency has long been a questioned practice in real estate, but if you disagree with "multiple representation" here in Ontario, you could not even begin to imagine what things are like on the other side of the world in Germany......

Happy Family Day!

We all deserve this much-needed gift from Dalton McGuinty! Be thankful that a politician won re-election by giving us a made-up holiday in February, and spend some time with  your family!  Talk to you all on Tuesday! (more…)

The Friday Rant: Keep Guessing!

The real estate market is healthy.  The real estate market is going to crash.  Prices are unstable.  Prices are going to rise.  It's a good time to buy.  Buying real estate in 2012 is suicide. Nobody knows anything, and those...

Sherbourne Commons

Back in 2010, I did a video about Sherbourne Commons asking whether or not it would be a useful part of downtown Toronto. The park has been completed, but I'm still not convinced... (more…)