David Fleming

I’m David Fleming, author of Toronto Realty Blog and a Realtor with Bosley Real Estate in Toronto.

You can contact me any time with real estate related questions.


I started Toronto Realty Blog in 2007 before “blog” was in the average person’s vernacular, and before real estate websites had ever become even remotely useful.

For the longest time, most real estate websites were static, one-sided, cookie-cutter sites that were updated infrequently, had no real value to the consumer, and were completely self-serving. I wanted to do something different, since, to be honest, I’m a bit of a different breed myself…

The real estate industry is far from perfect, and at times can be chaotic, frustrating, and unfair. The process of buying and selling real estate can be among the most trying experiences in life as well. My mission behind Toronto Realty Blog is to bring more transparency to the industry, and be as open, honest, and opinionated as I can be – within the rules, that is!

I have a passion for writing, and I have a passion for real estate. I’m also one of the most opinionated people you’ll ever meet, and I pride myself on being brutally honest and professional. Put that all together, and you’ve got Toronto Realty Blog.

Please join the conversation! Post comments, either to me, or to my other readers. Don’t be shy!