March 13, 2009 1


Spring Break!

We call it “March Break” in Canada, and a quick search on Google Images for the term “Spring Break” versus that of “March Break” will clearly denote the differences…

Either way, this time of year represents a slowdown in real estate, and the ripple can be felt through the whole industry.

Oh yeah, FYI – I’m the guy at the back right here:

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March 11, 2009 3


Testing The Market

Hot or Cold, Top or Bottom; there is no time or place to “test” the market.

It’s time to be rational, realistic, and distinguish your dreams from reality.

Why waste everybody’s time, including your own?

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March 10, 2009 1


Setting The Bar LOW…

I sure hope this post doesn’t come back to haunt me!

Some readers like when I post about a specific condominium or a house in a trendy neighborhood, and some readers enjoy when I throw some dirt on a shoddy “colleague” of mine.

Today, I’ll be doing the latter in a perfect example of smoke & mirrors in our industry…

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March 6, 2009


Online Real Estate Scams!

We’ve all heard about these, and we’re all aware that they exist, but I recently came across a friend-of-a-friend who was about to be duped into one!

Just when you think that everybody has at least some common sense, you hear a story like the following…

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March 4, 2009 4


Bill 150: The Green Energy Act

This post is sure to spark some debate!

The Province of Ontario has introduced legislation that would require home energy audits prior to the sale of all homes if the legislation were passed.

I’m not a tree-hugger, nor am I an energy waster.  I’m a Realtor.  And I hate the idea for the home energy audit…

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March 3, 2009 3


Stuck In The Middle

Talk about trying to pull a fast one!

A client of mine was recently approached by the listing agent for the property she is currently renting, and he asked her to be part of something rather….inappropriate.

No, no, it’s not what you think.  But either way, I advised her to steer clear…

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