August 7, 2009


Real Estate in Driggs, Idaho

“You pay for the house, but the land is free.”

That’s one way of looking at the current market conditions in Driggs & Victor.¬† The purchase price of many of these homes is equal to the cost of the materials used in the construction, but absent are any consideration for the the land itself, and of course the profit for the builder!

Imagine buying a 4-bedroom, 4-bathroom house made of pine and stone¬†for less than the price of your crummy 1-bedroom condo in Toronto…

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August 6, 2009 2


Howdy From Driggs, Idaho!

The lack of recent posts is mainly attributed to the still-lingering technical difficulties with my blog, but also because I’m trying to take a vacation!

Driggs, Idaho is a fantastic, rustic little town that almost nobody has heard of.

Here are my thoughts, of course, from a real estate perspective…

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