March 22, 2010 2


Don’t Believe Everything You Read…

Once upon a time, TMZ was considered complete trash along with the likes of The National Enquirer.  Then the Tiger Woods scandal hit, and people were flocking to for breaking news bulletins.

But just because something is written or reported doesn’t make it accurate.

Take this latest example that occurred during my weekend trip to Mont Tremblant

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March 19, 2010 12


Step By Step

Nope!  Not the television show with Suzanne Sommers…

I’d like to give you a view inside the process of selling a condominium in multiple offers.

Here is the step by step account of Thursday, March 18th as I reviewed offers for a $269,000 condo…

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March 16, 2010 15


Crackheads = Bad For Business

Trying to make light of a serious subject like crackheads, I give you: Dave Chappelle making a peanut-butter and crack sandwich!  See below…

I had a rather interesting experience yesterday with a couple of clients who decided against purchasing a condo in a “transitional” area once they were welcomed by the local residents…

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March 15, 2010 5


Good Things, Small Packages…

What’s that old expression?

Take a look at this 428 square foot condo on paper, and you might think it’s a little too small for you.

But have a look in person, and you’ll see how effectively the space is used, and what a fabulous little unit it is!

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March 12, 2010 3


To Bully, Or Not To Bully…

…that is the question!

The answer depends on whether you are a buyer or a seller, and whether you are a risk-taker or not!

Bully offers are happening with increasing frequency.  Let’s examine why…

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