January 10, 2011 1


#5: “Well, That Was Fun!” From 6/28/2010

I try not to even think back to the ill-fated G20 Summit from last summer as it gets my blood boiling.

During the past few nights, I’ve been watching “World At War” – a 30-hour DVD series produced by the BBC that details the very origins of World War II and then captures the entire six-year conflict from start to finish.

I wish that the criminals responsible for the riots at the G20 Summit had watched this 30-hour DVD series to understand how many people fought and died so that we could have freedom –¬†a freedom that they’ve used to smash windows and burn cars for no reason other than boredom and the sense of entitlement that all of today’s youth possess…

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Top Five For 2010

As promised, I’m going to post my TOP FIVE blog posts from 2010 this week.

And as promised, I am likely sitting on a beach in St. Maarten, slathered with tanning oil, dripping onto my quantum physics book (or People magazine…), as you sit at your desk drinking coffee and reading this.

Life isn’t fair… ūüôā

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January 7, 2011


Going To St. Maarten!

But don’t worrry – I’m not putting the blog on hold for a week!

In fact, I’m going to post my TOP FIVE POSTS OF 2010 all next week.

I’ve gone through all 208 posts from 2010 and picked the most notorious five posts to re-hash.¬† Some were controversial and one in particular received fifty-one comments and resulted in letters being sent to my broker.¬† Ooops!

If you’re all good – I’ll upload a photo of me in my European man-thong…

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Monopoly At “The Berwick”

How in the world did one developer get twenty home-owners, all in the same block, to sell their properties?

Most people assume that a condo development is built on the proverbial “vacant land” that just happened to be sitting there, ripe for development.¬† But sometimes, you’ve gotta get dirty!

The corner of Duplex and Berwick is (was) home to 20 houses which will eventually be demolished and a 17-storey condo will be built in their place…

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January 5, 2011 14


Dark & Dreary?

One of my favourite condos in the downtown core is The Hudson at King & Spadina, but with Charlie Condos being built right next door, it pretty much kills the ambiance of an east-facing unit at The Hudson.

Three condos – Charlie, Glas, and The Hudson – are all being built within a few feet of eachother.

The result will be a very dark and dreary space for the owners whose condos face the other buildings…

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January 4, 2011 5


Sell First or Buy First?

I’m sitting at my desk at noon on Monday, January 3rd, 2011, and I’m trying to identify “new trends” in the real estate market for 2011.

As evidenced by my spoof post from Monday – I can’t exactly predict the future.

But every year in real estate brings about new trends in the market and I’m considering if perhaps 2011 will show us more people who sell their existing¬†properties¬†before they buy…

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