January 8, 2014 26


Trump Towers: What’s The Deal?

A new listing for a unit at 325 Bay Street hit the market on Tuesday; a bachelor unit of 600 square feet, with $2,700/month maintenance fees, for a cool $949,000.

There’s a listing for a 1-bedroom that has now been on MLS for 314 days – unsold, with two price reductions.

WHO is going to buy this stuff?  What kind of market is there for units at Trump Towers?

If you’re not aware of the litigation going on, you’ll want to read the following…

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January 7, 2014 22


Condo Concierge: Help or Hinder?

My condominium’s board of directors recently enacted several changes to building policies that will affect how concierges perform their duties.

These changes, intent aside, will all be a detriment to the residents, and decrease their standard of living.

Where is the balance between looking out for the condominium corporation and reducing liability, and helping the residents who own that corporation?

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January 6, 2014 45


What To Expect In 2014?

I’m not in the habit of making predictions.

Far too often, predictions prove wrong, and it always seems like the prognosticator can fall back on, “It was just a prediction,” once events have transpired differently than what was prophesied.

But I would, however, like to discuss the real estate market moving forward into 2014, and take a look at how some other people, media outlets, and institutions think things are going to play out…

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January 3, 2014 2

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See You Monday!

I hope everybody had a fantastic holiday break!

I’ll be back on Monday morning with the first new blog post of 2014, and I’ll keep them rolling out – 4-5 per week, every week, until we get back to the glorious month of December once again…

Is it time to take down the “holiday tree” yet?

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