June 16, 2017 10

MLS Musings!

More MLS Musings!

Agents across the city are now sending me their own photos-of-the-week, or submissions for “MLS Musings.”

And I appreciate them all!  Sometimes it’s hard to pick my favourite, although I’m willing to forgive a poorly-written write-up, spelling mistakes, or poor English.  It’s the blurry photos I just can’t comprehend.

But should the sellers be left off the hook here?  Aren’t they looking at their own MLS listing, wondering why there’s a giant thumb in the middle of the “Feature Photo?”

Ah well.  You get what you pay for.


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June 14, 2017 28


Water Damage: Do You Think You’re Safe In Your Condo?

It’s not only freehold-home owners who fear the dreaded leak, flood, and/or soggy basement.

While those of us who live in condos don’t have a concrete foundation that sits next to thousands of tons of earth, absorbing rain-water daily, we do still have water, and pipes in our homes. Perhaps that saying “where there’s a will, there’s a way,” applies here: “where there’s water, there’s a way – for it to damage your property.”

I recently had massive water damage to my condo, but there was no pipe-bursting; no ceiling caving in.  It all stemmed from a slow leak that went unnoticed for a couple of weeks, but by the time we spotted the problem, the damage had already been done…

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June 12, 2017 26


How Is The Luxury Market In 2017?

I read an article in the Toronto Star on the weekend talking about the “luxury market,” which they consider $5,000,000 and up.

The drawback of being obsessive-compulsive and a complete control-freak is that I never trust anybody else’s numbers.

So I sat down on Sunday night, opened up Microsoft Excel, and started downloading data.

Let’s look at some numbers from the first five months of the year which I think will shock you…

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June 9, 2017 9


Video Friday!

I have a few random videos from the last couple of weeks that don’t say much on their own, but together – they make for a pretty comical post!

Have you ever walked into a house, and just been so utterly confused by what the owner, developer, or listing agent did, that you just stood there with your brow furrowed, mouth hanging open, and arms out at your side, asking nobody in particular, “Huh?”

Well, that’s the theme in these videos today.

Especially the first two, which seem to combine two rooms, into one.  See if you can guess which two…

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June 7, 2017 38


“May” We Take A Closer Look At Those Numbers?

TREB released the sales data on Monday for the month of May, and by the time the evening news rolled around, you would have sworn the apocalypse had begun.

The numbers confirm what I, and what many of you, already knew: listings are up, sales are down, and prices have cooled since the insane February/March market.

But having watched the news reports, and read the newspaper articles, I feel as though the media is reporting half the story.

Let’s look at the May numbers in more detail, and delve deeper than just price, shall we?

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June 5, 2017 33


How Does A Buyer Get Out Of The Deal?

In most cases: they don’t.

Not legally, that is, and not without a fight from the seller, and potentially serious repercussions.

I’ve been asked a few times in the past month either “what happens when a buyer won’t close?” or, “how can a buyer get out of a firm deal.”

Let’s look at the legal grey areas, and I’ll give you a few case studies to chew on… Read More