July 13, 2007


$225,000….House, Condo, or a PARKING SPACE?

Yesterday, the New York Times published an article about parking spaces for sale in the basement of a condominium development at 246 West 17th Street in Manhattan, for a mere $225,000 U.S.

This made me think about all the people in Toronto that complain that they paid $22,000 for a parking space with their new $275,000 condo.

The alternative?  Don’t drive. Read More

July 11, 2007 1


Buying a Condominium in Pre-Construction

Foresight eventually becomes hindsight.

Isn’t it nice to look back on a great investment you made?  Or perhaps to finally move into that spectacular new condo you’ve been waiting so long for?

A lot of people in Toronto are making a lot of money buying condominiums in pre-construction.

So you don’t have $300,000 to invest?  That’s fine, you don’t need it… Read More

July 5, 2007


How Accurate Is Your BUDGET?


Getting out of the rental rut?  Looking to become one of those “first time buyers” we hear so much about?  Congratulations!


But have you run your numbers?


And are they accurate?

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July 3, 2007


Dog Days of Summer?

Dog Days of Summer?

As we enter July, we’ve noticed that the real estate market is beginning to slow down and not only are new listings fewer and further between, but fewer potential buyers are actively looking.

There are no fewer condominiums being built in July and August, and it’s not like any fewer houses exist than during the rest of the year.

So why the lack of action in the real estate market during the Summer?

Here are a few reasons: Read More