July 7, 2007


Where do the STARS call home?

Austin Powers himself, Mike Myers grew up at Birchmount & Sheppard.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper grew up on Bessborough Drive in North Leaside.

But where do some of Toronto’s most famous call home? While I can’t give names & addresses, I can give hints & neighborhoods… Read More

July 5, 2007


How Accurate Is Your BUDGET?


Getting out of the rental rut?  Looking to become one of those “first time buyers” we hear so much about?  Congratulations!


But have you run your numbers?


And are they accurate?

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July 3, 2007


Dog Days of Summer?

Dog Days of Summer?

As we enter July, we’ve noticed that the real estate market is beginning to slow down and not only are new listings fewer and further between, but fewer potential buyers are actively looking.

There are no fewer condominiums being built in July and August, and it’s not like any fewer houses exist than during the rest of the year.

So why the lack of action in the real estate market during the Summer?

Here are a few reasons: Read More

July 1, 2007 1


Condo BUST? I don’t think so…

If ever there were an indication that the condo market isn’t “about to implode” as many media sources and your roommate with absolutely no knowledge of real estate whatsoever, have speculated, it was last week with the launch of 83 Redpath.

The Benvenuto Group’s new 21-storey condominium project east of Yonge/Eglinton sold out in only two days, with about 200 units turning over. Buyers were literally lined up outside, and several buyers even slept over the night before, I kid you not. This is how badly some people wanted to live in 83 Redpath starting in 2010, or, how good an investment some buyers think this condominium project will be.

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