July 20, 2007 2


To Stage or Not To Stage?…The $112,000 Question.

“Wait a second….you want us to PAY to remove all the furniture from our house, and then PAY money to bring in different furniture?  I don’t thinks so.”

Every hear the expression ‘You need to spend money to make money?’

Realtors are constantly facing opposition and skepticism from home owners when they suggest that the owners spend money to get their house ready for sale.  But those that take the Realtors’ advice are often handsomely rewarded for their efforts…

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July 18, 2007 3


Land Transfer Tax INCREASE? No Way, David Miller…

Yesterday at Queen’s Park, David Miller’s new tax proposal was defeated by a 23-22 margin.

This allows home owners to move homes without being severely penalized, and in the process keeps it affordable for first-time home buyers to enter the market.

The real estate market has been fueling the Toronto economy for years now.  Why kill your cash cow?  That’s a question for David Miller.

Not familiar with his proposal?  Let me explain.

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July 16, 2007 2


Nicholson 1-bedroom, Hoffman 2-bedroom-plus-den….or DiCaprio PENTHOUSE?

“Festival Tower” was launched in June of 2007 with a unique marketing campaign in which all suites were named after famous movie stars.

The 46-story monster at the corner of King/John is being billed as “five-star luxury hotel-inspired” and is playing on the assumption that people will pay more to live in a building with the allure of stardom.

Using the slogan: “Live a star studded lifestyle atop the Festival Centre, the new home of the Toronto International Film Festival Group,” we can clearly see that Daniels Group is milking Hollywood for all it’s worth.

My question: Is it actually worth it?

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July 13, 2007


$225,000….House, Condo, or a PARKING SPACE?

Yesterday, the New York Times published an article about parking spaces for sale in the basement of a condominium development at 246 West 17th Street in Manhattan, for a mere $225,000 U.S.

This made me think about all the people in Toronto that complain that they paid $22,000 for a parking space with their new $275,000 condo.

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July 11, 2007 1


Buying a Condominium in Pre-Construction

Foresight eventually becomes hindsight.

Isn’t it nice to look back on a great investment you made?  Or perhaps to finally move into that spectacular new condo you’ve been waiting so long for?

A lot of people in Toronto are making a lot of money buying condominiums in pre-construction.

So you don’t have $300,000 to invest?  That’s fine, you don’t need it… Read More

July 9, 2007 3


Who Rents for $7,000 per Month?

“I rent a house for $7,000 per month.”

Does this sound crazy to you?

Can you imagine writing monthly rent cheques for half of what it costs to buy a small car?

As outrageous as it may seem, people do it.  There are two sides to every coin, so allow me to explain what these “crazy” people are thinking. Read More