Bryan Wood

Sales Representative, Toronto Realty Group

Bryan is ushering a new generation into the world of real estate, knowing where Toronto’s millennials are spending their time, what ‘hoods are happening, and what downtown hot-spots are on fire, and which have fizzled out.

Bryan also works in the other end of the spectrum in the luxury real estate market, catering to the needs of many wealthy international clients, many of whom he met while working in the fashion industry in China.

A huge proponent of social media, Bryan has an active following, and continuously engages with other Torontonians, about both real estate, and everything-Toronto.

Having always been an ahead-of-the-curve kind of guy, Bryan is always on the lookout for the next cutting-edge technology that will help his buyer and seller clients, as well as identifying which pockets of our diverse city will be further fueled by demand.

With my diverse and cultural knowledge of Toronto, I’m ready to help you find the lifestyle you desire.

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