November 30, 2007 1


How Much Is Home Insurance?

The cost of home insurance is rising.

And since I’ve typed this, the cost has surely gone up again.

As mortgage rates seem destined to come down again over the next six months, the cost to insure your property will go up.

However, insurance premiums aren’t rising for the reasons you might suspect…

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November 26, 2007


“Bully Offers”

We have finally come up with a term to accurately describe an all-to-familiar new practice in the real estate market.

Some people are still wrapping their heads around the “Hold-back on offers.”

Well, Bully Offers have taken things to a whole new level…

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November 20, 2007



Every day working in real estate is a learning experience.

Adventures ensue, and you never really know what is in store for you on a day-to-day basis.

Here’s a story about an unexpected circumstance that took place as I was showing around a new client for the first time…

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November 9, 2007


Most Expensive Condos in the CITY!

Last weekend, I was showing condos to two investors from Dubai who seemed overly concerned with the price per square foot.

No matter what I showed them, they wanted it cheaper!

A unit at Mozo Lofts was priced reasonably at $420/sqft, and they somehow thought that was too much.

Here are the most expensive pre-construction condominiums in Toronto….

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November 7, 2007 1


The New Land Transfer Tax

Just like the Leafs’ 5-1 loss to the Ottawa Senators last night, we should all say, with respect to the new land transfer tax in Toronto, “We totally saw that coming”…

It’s been a little more than two weeks since City Councillors voted to change the realty tax landscape, but how exactly will the new new taxes be implemented?

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