Introduction to Pick5

Pick5 is a half-hour weekly show hosted by David and released every Thursday afternoon, highlighting five properties in the city – grouped by geography, price range, style, or some other common element. It’s accompanied by Toronto Realty Group analysis and comparison to boost your market knowledge.

We won’t lie – it also doubles as a much-needed outlet for David’s overwhelming senses of sarcasm and cynicism! It’s an informative and  entertaining look at the market – Sign up today!


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Why Pick5?

We strive to deliver the most information, most insight and opinion, and most value to our clients and to the general public of any real estate team in the industry.

Unfortunately, rules put in place by organized real estate bodies limit our options in many cases.

We aren’t permitted to openly opine on active listings, good or bad, because we’d be breaking rules pertaining to “disparaging a competitor’s listing,” or “unauthorized advertising,” among others.

My Solution?

The creation of a Virtual Office Website, or a “VOW,” which technically changes your status from simply a random internet-dweller, to that of a “client.”

When you’re a client (and that’s a non-exclusive client, not under contract), we can share active listings, provide opinion and insights, and examine how sold data can impact and shape the pricing of properties listed for sale.

All you need is a password to enter the back-end of the site!

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