June 27, 2008


$30,000,000 Lottery Winner (conclusion)

This was just supposed to be a simple exercise in dreaming and look how carried away I’ve gotten!  It’s spilled into a second blog post!

I’ve got to be careful with my $30,000,000, and perhaps it’s time to make some sound investments.

Of course, I also have to find a place to live…

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June 26, 2008 3


$30,000,000 Lottery Winner…

I just did something I have never (okay, maybe twice…) done before:  I bought a lottery ticket.

I went for coffee and in front of the Tim Hortons/Esso was a big sign: 6/49 Jackpot: $30 Million!

Let’s assume I have to spend all $30,000,000 on real estate.  What would I buy?

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June 24, 2008 1


Buyer Beware!

You are about to witness photos, evidence, and descriptions of the WORST project being built right now in the city.

I’m risking getting myself into some hot water here, but I’m not worried, since there is no way the builders have the money to sue me, let alone finish this project.

The scary part is: somebody will eventually purchase these townhouses…

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June 23, 2008 1


Realtors Combat Money Laundering

There are some serious changes happening in the world of real estate; changes that have been discussed and scrutinized behind the scenes for years, and will now come into effect.

The general public will soon become aware of these changes that are intended to combat money laundering.

They sure won’t make the lives of Realtors any easier…

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June 20, 2008


Summer Means RENOVATING!

I once saw a shirt I found rather funny that read: “Toronto has two seasons: Winter…..and Construction.”

It’s quite true.  As soon as the good weather rolls around, the construction begins.

But summer also cues the start of something else: renovating.

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June 18, 2008


Home Away From Home

An increasing number of people are spending money on renovations.

This isn’t abnormal, is it?

What if the above sentence read, “An increasing number of people are spending money on renovations….for their cottage?”

In many cases, the “home away from home” is nicer than the home itself…

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