October 30, 2015 32


What Options Exist Outside Toronto?

This website isn’t called “Ajax Realty Blog,” and yet I feel that checking in on some of the areas outside the GTA might be prudent at times.

The average price of a detached home in Toronto was $1,053,871 in September, and some of those detached houses could be 2-bedroom bungalows, or even simply land value!

So today, let’s take outside Toronto, and head further east into the “greater” Toronto area, and look at what detached houses cost in Port Union, Pickering, Ajax, and Whitby…

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October 28, 2015 22


Deals Falling Through

We rarely see deals fall through in our Toronto market, and people from other markets – specifically those south of the border, will marvel at how we operate, and how many “agreements” turn into “closings.”

But deals do fall through, now and again, so let me go through some of the reasons why this happens, the circumstances we might find ourselves in to necessitate walking away from a deal, and the verbiage in the Agreement of Purchase & Sale.

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October 26, 2015 26


NYC Residents Buying Real Estate As A “Collective”

Thanks to blog reader RPG for sending me this article from from the Village Voice about a few New York City residents who are attempting to keep rents low by purchasing real estate as a collective group.

The idea isn’t brand-new, but it’s not something we’ve seen in our market in a long time, and is particularly difficult given the heat of the market, and the ever-increasing value of property.

Could this idea actually work, or is it just pie-in-the-sky thinking?  And if it could work in New York City, could it work in other major metropolitan areas like, oh, I dunno, say……Toronto?

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October 23, 2015 28


A Question Of Ethics

A friend of mine, who is just about to get into the real estate business, has been asking me about a dozen questions per week for the last……oh, maybe two months.

Most of his questions result in blunt, quick, obvious answers.  It’s truly the only way I know.

But a question earlier this week stumped me: “Have you ever, in your real estate career, been greased?”

He was asking if I’d ever taken money, for something I shouldn’t have, and the answer wasn’t that simple.

Bear with me here, and give me some leeway, as I detail a story that no other Realtor would dare…

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October 21, 2015 13


Why NOT Bully?

Okay, don’t read that headline, if you’re a slightly overweight 12-year-old with a learning disability, an absentee father, and a need for attention.  At least, that’s how I picture the average, cliché, playground bully…

Hopefully, you knew I’d be talking about “bully offers” today, and if you’re sick of hearing about the topic, well, then go re-read my blog on bike lanes and post something spiteful enough to make me add to my daily “take a moment and cry it out.”

A new agent in my office asked me the other day, “Why would any active buyer not make a bully offer on a property they’re interested in?” and I couldn’t think of a good enough answer.

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October 19, 2015 9


Confusion, Fear, & Gambling!

All three words were central to today’s blog post, and I couldn’t pick just one; hence today’s title.

I’ve noticed a new trend in Toronto real estate, and while it’s not new in a sense that it’s never happened before, the frequency with which it’s happening is certainly something we’re not accustomed to.

Real estate is an asset with no fixed value, and the red-hot Toronto market can produce different returns for the same property based on circumstance.

So let’s look at how some sellers are confused by the process, often act out of fear, and sometimes gamble with the results…

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