November 29, 2017 19


Pre-Construction Condo “Builder Forms” And What You Need To Know

A condo is cancelled, “relaunched” and resold at higher prices, delayed by five years, or remains in the dreaded occupancy period for an absurd 25 months.

A unit is smaller than what the buyer paid for, there’s no terrace as promised, there are two giant pillars in the living room that weren’t on the original floor plan, and on, and on, and on.

Let’s take a look at a few random builder forms and identify where, and how, developers ensure a dissatisfied buyer has absolutely nothing to complain about.

Then ask rhetorically, to buyers, “Why in the world would you sign this?”

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November 27, 2017 19


How Does Your Street Name Affect Home Values?

We’ve touched on this topic a few times over the years, and often had fun with some silly street names.

But there’s one street name, right here in Ontario, that’s not so funny.

Residents in rural Puslinch, Ontario are fighting to change the name of a particular “offensive” street name in their township right now, and meeting a little resistance along the way.

Let’s discuss, and then perhaps look at some of the more bizarre street names here in Toronto…

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November 24, 2017 7

Photos Of The Week

Terrible Quality Renovations!

Let’s watch some videos today, shall we?

I’ve seen a few really bad renovations of late, and when one of my clients asked me the other day, “Why would somebody do this?” all I could muster in reply was, “This is what happens when you combine boredom, money, and a false sense of confidence.”

Everybody and their grandmother think they can flip houses in Toronto, but contrary to popular belief, not everything sells…

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November 22, 2017 11


Offer Presentation “Do’s” & “Don’ts”

Ten years and two-thousand blog posts, and I don’t think I’ve ever covered this topic before.

After being part of a very strange offer presentation last night, I thought long and hard about how the process “should” play out, and how it almost never does.

There should be a basic set of principles every listing agent adheres to during an in-person offer presentation, and believe it or not, it would almost always help the seller…

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November 20, 2017 13


The Three Selling “Strategies” Being Employed This Fall

Under-pricing, setting an offer date, and having no idea what price to expect?  You call that a “strategy?”

That’s what my cynical side would say, after reading the title of today’s blog.

But if you’re a buyer, or a seller, in this Fall 2017 market, you need to understand that there are currently three pricing strategies being employed by sellers.

And if you happen to be that seller, about to list, you had better make sure you think long and hard about which strategy you’re going to use…

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November 17, 2017 3


My Sarcastic Look At The Pre-Construction Condo Industry In Toronto

Many of you have already seen this; several times, in fact.

But for those of you who are newer readers of TRB, perhaps a good follow-up to Monday’s discussion about cancelled condo projects would be a throwback to my 2015 video.  It’s exaclty what Friday ordered!

Well, that, and I was on an offer until 11:45pm on Thursday night, so I need some Friday-Fodder…
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