January 29, 2008 1


Let’s Agree…..To Disagree.

While sorting through my mail this afternoon, I began reading a real estate flyer from a company that shall remain nameless.

They had an outlook for the 2008 condo market which I found very interesting.

Half the things I read I completely agreed with, and half the things I found outrageous…

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January 25, 2008


A Day In The Life…

….of a new real estate agent!

This poor girl just started at our office, and already she’s having a difficult time.

While I sympathize with her trials and tribulations, it makes for a rather funny story…

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January 22, 2008 1


My Favorite Mistake

I wasn’t referring to the Sheryl Crow song, “My Favorite Mistake,” but now that I think about it, Sheryl has a wicked voice…

Anyways, I’ve witnessed many great moves within the real estate market, but seen some poor investments, bad decisions, and terrible mistakes.

There is one mistake that stands out in my mind more than all the rest, but it wasn’t the financial disaster that bothered me, but rather the sheer ignorance disguised as arrogance of the potential buyer involved…

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January 17, 2008 1


West Side Story…

I remember the first time I saw the classic movie West Side Story.

I just kept watching these two gang-members, one from the Jets and one from the Sharks, attempt to fight eachother, but they stopped every five seconds to snap their fingers and then breakout in a choreographed dance routine.

My west side story, or story about my experience at West Side Lofts is just as entertaining, but it will not win ten Oscars…

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January 15, 2008 4


If You See Just ONE Film This Year…

You can’t turn on CNN without hearing the terms “credit crunch,” “sub-prime mortgage,” or “national debt.”

There is a documentary film that everybody and their grandmother MUST see right now.  It’s called “Maxed Out,” and it’s on Rogers-On-Demand this month.

You’ll find yourself thinking “This can’t be true” as you watch the film, but it’s all true, and it’s all quite sad…

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January 11, 2008


Spring Has Sprung!

Is it just me, or was it FOURTEEN degrees outside on Wednesday?

My calendar says January, but the thermostat says mid-March.

Perhaps this is the reason for the unusually…um…unusual January real estate market we are now experiencing…

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