August 31, 2009 1


Buying Real Estate With Your Non-Spouse…

Don’t shoot the messenger!

It’s not like I’m old-fashioned or anything, I’ve just witnessed a lot of horror stories lately with people buying real estate together before they’re typically “ready,” by traditional standards or not.

Here are three stories – and the last one’s a doozie!

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August 28, 2009 2


LIVE Theatre At My Doorstep…

It’s Thursday night at 7:42PM and I’m sitting at my desk at 290 Merton Street, watching “the show.”

This show is exciting, and with my feet firmly planted up on my desk, I’m taking extreme pleasure in watching the jubilation and sorrow of those around me.

What am I watching?  How about twenty-two agents presenting offers on the same condo…

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August 27, 2009 1



Have you heard this term before?

Do you know how it’s used when discussing real estate?

I might not use the word all the time, but I do like to point out where and when super-adequacies are present and what issues they can cause when examining the value of a house or condo…

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August 26, 2009


Straight From The Headlines

Here’s a rather interesting take on the Toronto real estate market, as per today’s feature in the Toronto Star.

Geez!  Remember back in January when we were fielding questions such as, “How much do you expect the market to drop by the end of 2009?”

Now, all the experts are revising their ten-month-old prognostications and patting themselves on the back…

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August 24, 2009 13


Discrimination In The Rental Market?

Last week’s story about “blatant discrimination” in the rental market is the second report in as many months to surface in the Toronto media, thanks to the Ontario Human Rights Commission.

But I’m here to provide a devil’s advocate type of response, while trying to watch where I step, and what I step in…

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August 20, 2009


The Nuts & Bolts of The Offer

There’s more to an offer than the price, you know!

Maybe in this red-hot marketplace, both buyers and sellers alike have concluded that the only negotiable part of the Agreement of Purchase & Sale that carries any weight is the purchase price.

But there are four or five other salient points that can make all the difference during the offer presentation…

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