July 29, 2011 11


I Bought A New Condo! (Part IV)

Sometimes, you only want something because somebody else does, or because you can’t have it.

I might have been convinced that this was the case when I first heard that there was another offer on the condo I was contemplating buying, but two weeks later as I sit here and type this, I know all along that this condo was meant for me…

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July 27, 2011 13


I Bought A New Condo (Part III)

I might have bought this condo an hour after it hit the open market, if I were afforded the chance to do so!

Instead, I had to wait overnight, jump through hoops, and out-bid another would-be buyer…

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July 26, 2011 9


I Bought A New Condo (Part II)

Sorry if you thought I would sum it all up in ONE single blog post, but I have to tell my whole story! 🙂

Twas a truly tireless condo search, but don’t forget that water can be the most delicious taste on earth if you’ve been walking through the desert for days and days…

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July 25, 2011 9


I Bought A New Condo!

Ha!  Yeah – me!

The “worst client ever” was finally closed, by, well, myself.

I took the plunge and it feels great.  So this week I’d like to share with you the entire process from start to finish, completely exposing all facets of my life and business in the process…

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July 22, 2011 3

Photos Of The Week

Phunny Photos!

Here’s a collection of real estate photos I’ve accumulated over the past few weeks – many of them emailed to me by readers saying, “You must put this on your blog!”

Well, here’s my chance!  Except I really feel bad for the Realtors south of the border.  I didn’t know they had it so hard!

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July 20, 2011 6


Quick Hits!

Another week brings another unorganized collection of my thoughts, although what started as a “this and that” post, turned into a lambasting of a condominium project in my neck of the woods!

By all means – let me know if you think I’m being unfair…

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