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Photos Of The Week | July 22, 2011

Here’s a collection of real estate photos I’ve accumulated over the past few weeks – many of them emailed to me by readers saying, “You must put this on your blog!”

Well, here’s my chance!  Except I really feel bad for the Realtors south of the border.  I didn’t know they had it so hard!

We’ll start with a really sad one just to set the tone!

Is this real?  Could it be?

It sounds like every country music song I’ve ever heard – he lost his job, his wife left him, and she took his only remaining friend – his loyal dog.  I think I’ve heard this sound about 10,000 times before, and 9,900 of those are by Garth Brooks.

But imagine how desperate you must be to sell your home in order to actually advertise this on a sign!

Well, at least he knows the laws about disclosure when it comes to things like faulty wiring or asbestos!

This is one of my all-time favourites!

Look at the photo on the whole, and then look at the house.  Now, look at the car.  What do you notice?

That car has been photo-shopped into the picture!

I’m no car buff, but I’m told that this is a Mercedes Benz AMG C63, and it sells for over $200,000.  I guess the Realtor selling this house figured that a house of any size and stature, in any condition, and in any location could only be worth MORE if it was photographed with an expensive car in the driveway.

Here is a photo that actually appeared on MLS for a rental condo.

You know how the #1 rule of real estate photography is, “Try to avoid taking photos of the unit when PEOPLE are in them?”

Well the #2 rule should be “Try to avoid going to the condo on laundry day, and don’t get the seller’s bra in the photo…”

How bad is real estate south of the border?

Area code ‘214’ is Dallas, for your information.

So if you’re living in Dallas and you’re reading my blog, why not give this guy some work, eh?

Isn’t this how the United States began its downward spiral?

I hope this photo is from years and years ago, but something tells me that its not.  And more to the point, something tells me that there are still hundreds of places just like this one popping up all over the southwest.

Well, at least they speak Spanish

Somebody sent me this one and I searched Google to see if I could find it’s origin, but alas, no dice.

Can this really be true?

I think of what real estate is like in Toronto and how agents (like me) turn up their noses at so many of the brokerages throughout the GTA.  But when I see something like this photo below, it reminds me of how unregulated the industry is in other areas of the world:

This one has nothing to do with real estate, but good LORD did it make me laugh!

A colleague of mine said she saw him in LuLuLemon at the Eaton Centre two weeks ago and he was trying on shorts in a stall with two gorgeous young ladies.

He kind of looks like Eddie Murphy in this photo…

And last but not least, I’ve had this in my “PHOTOS” folder for almost two years now, trying to find a way to work it into a blog post.

Just like the Lionel Richie photo above, this one cracked me up, and I commend the effort made by whoever actually put this together!

BTW – if you don’t find this funny, then you are clearly not into Hip Hop

Happy Friday, everybody!

Try to stay cool, and try to get out and play some GOLF for heaven’s sake!

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