July 31, 2015 20


Are You “Chasing The Market?”

We use the term “chasing the market” in several different situations, but today I want to talk about saving for a higher down payment, and continuing to hold off on buying a property in an increasing market.

There is no right or wrong here – let’s make that clear.  To each, their own, is another saying that would appropriately apply.

But I figured going through a real example, with complex mathematical equations including calculus, trigonometry, and advanced functions, might help to clear things up a bit…

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July 29, 2015 32


Top-10: Subtle Annoyances For First-Time Condo Owners

Okay, here we go – time to vent, complain, and kvetch.

If you’re an 8-year reader of TRB, then you’ve probably seen most, if not all of these.

But if you’re a would-be condo owner, perhaps renting right now and looking to get into the market, then consider this a huge favour!

Condo living is fantastic, but there are always subtle annoyances that you experience as you get settled in the building; none of which could have ever been explained to you in advance.  Until now, that is…

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July 27, 2015 10


What’s Old Is New Again!

You know when people say, “Looks don’t matter; it’s all about what a person is like on the inside” – is that something that only ugly people say?

When it comes to your condominium, considering this is your homedo you care what anything outside your own individual unit looks like?

Do you look at the attractiveness of the hallways, lobby, and exterior of the building, and is this something that’s important to you?  Because some buildings are “freshening up the look,” and as you might expect – it ain’t free…

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July 24, 2015 27

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A Whole Other Level Of Crazy!

I really need to stop saying things like, “In all my years in the business, I’ve never experienced anything like this,” or “This is the first time this has happened.”

Because as I’m slowly learning, no matter how crazy, abnormal, or new an experience is, there’s an even wackier one waiting just around the corner.

Negotiating the purchase or sale of a property always comes with obstacles, no matter how good, or how experienced you are.  But some obstacles are simply insurmountable, as I’ll detail in the following story…

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July 22, 2015 27


The Pros And Cons Of Stacked Townhouses

You either love ’em or hate ’em!

I’ve never seen such a polar opposite in the real estate market as I see on a daily basis with stacked condominium townhouses.

Some buyers absolutely rave about them, and others won’t even consider them.

Let’s look at the pros and cons of stacked townhouses, and you decide if it would be a viable option in your search..

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July 20, 2015 12


Real Estate “Lifestyle Videos”

I’ve noticed that an increasing amount of real estate “lifestyle videos” are accompanying property listings, and I’m wondering just how effective they are.

Personally, I think by doing a “lifestyle video” for a listing, rather than a typical video tour, you risk pushing away anybody who isn’t part of the target market.

But perhaps if you connect with that one buyer you’re targeting, then alienating the rest of the buyer pool doesn’t matter.  Let’s take a look at a lifestyle video for a house in West Hollywood…

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