March 30, 2016 16


Toronto’s “Alleyway” Homes

When you hear the term “alleyway,” what is the very first thing that comes to mind?

Admit it – many of you thought of either the term “dark alleyway,” as in “I wouldn’t want to run into him in a dark alleyway,” or you thought of something to do with homeless and/or drunk people, potentially living and/or puking in said alleyway.

But did any of you think of the Nintendo game for Gameboy called “Alleyway?”  No?  Just me?  Fine, let’s look at Toronto’s “alleyway” homes then…

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March 28, 2016 4


The Waiting Game: Behind The Scenes Of An Offer Presentation

From the moment you present your offer, to the moment you’re either driving home with your tail between your legs, or celebrating a client’s purchase, several hours can transpire.  But as I told my clients, only a few short minutes is spent with the sellers.

The rest of the time?  It’s a waiting game.

Last week, I sat in my car, twenty feet from a competing agent in his car, and we both waited to find out which one of us “won.”

Here’s a video from when the action went down…

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March 23, 2016 12


What’s Worse?

It’s a simple question, but the subject matter is even simpler.  Perhaps that’s why I find such fault with the content of the two scenario’s I’m about to lay out.

Allow me to detail two different examples of mis-pricing, or transparent “strategies” in the real estate market, and you let me know which one is worse.

Both are prevalent in today’s market, and while I know which one I despise more, I’m curious to see how the general public feels – especially the buyers…

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March 21, 2016 11


Kathy Tomlinson Changed Real Estate Forever

This is the most incredible real estate story I think I’ve ever seen.

And by “story,” I don’t mean the investigative journalism piece that Globe & Mail reporter, Kathy Tomlinson, put together last month – which was incredibly impressive in its own right!

But rather I’m referring to the story that is only just beginning, since the article that Ms. Tomlinson wrote has, within a single month, motivated the Premier of British Columbia, Christy Clark, to enact legislation to change the way properties are bought and sold in the province.

Yes, that story.  Absolutely, positively, incredible…

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March 18, 2016 2


Best Real Estate “Lifestyle Video” Ever?

The first time I saw one of these videos, I thought it was gimmicky, but thought perhaps it would catch on.  Fast-forward about four years, and “lifestyle videos” are becoming more prevalent.

A reader sent me the following video yesterday, and I absolutely loved it.  I actually watched it three times!

Sure, it’s a $48,500,000 house in Bel-Air, and any video produced for this caliber home had better be damned good!  But it might be the very best real estate lifestyle video I’ve ever seen, so I wanted share…

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March 16, 2016 33


Reader’s Write: Up-And-Coming Toronto Neighbourhoods

My blog readers walked me right into this blog post!

After the Monday blog about the Queensway & Islington pocket, which I feel is up-and-coming, my readers started a dialogue in the comments section about other areas which are under-valued, nondescript, or as the headline suggests, up-and-coming.

Today, I want to give you four areas that I personally think are up-and-coming, but let’s continue the conversation in the comments below the blog about areas YOU feel warrant a mention as well.  Thoughts on prices, schools, transit, home style, et al are welcome.

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