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December 12, 2011

It’s not very often that I say something complimentary about CityPlace.

Is it just me – or is there something different about CityPlace these days?

Was that a weird episode of Dexter or what?

Who else was cringing when Dexter was eating those noodles and Deb was wiping the sauce off his face?

As uncomfortable as that was, it’s equally as awkward for me to post something positive about CityPlace.

But over the last 6-8 months as the “round tower” in the video above has been built, I couldn’t help but think about how there is finally something unique about one of the residences in CityPlace!  I dunno – maybe a PetSmart will follow in the base of the building, but for now – the round shape of this one condo tower is about the most unique feature of the entire complex that is west of Spadina Avenue.

As I said in the video – it’s not a game-changer – it’s just one round-tower in the twenty-some-odd buildings that comprise the CityPlace complex.  But whether you catch it in passing, or stare at it like the sun – you have to admit that it’s different.  And that’s the first thing about CityPlace that’s been “different” since they included a letter in the address of 4K Spadina Avenue!

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  1. DB

    at 8:34 am

    They are not all completely identical. A friend of mine from work was able to say that he “lives in the one with purple lights on top”.

    One could also say they live in the one with the Fox and Fiddle or whatever bar they put in there.

    It is something – not much – but something.

  2. Moonbeam!

    at 10:43 am

    What is at the base of the towers? landscaping, lawn, gardens??

    1. George

      at 4:37 pm

      When I walked around the area a year or two ago, it was desolate greyness. It was late fall, and I have never been so cold. I also got lost/trapped in a maze of fenced off areas. I would assume there are more stores, restaurants, bars there now. Still, it is a bit cut off from the usual Toronto amenities due to the rail tracks.

  3. Craig

    at 4:40 pm

    Round or not, it’s still banal garbage, like most of the new construction in this city. Take a visit to Chicago if you want to see how amazing a city’s skyline can be – and have protected views.
    When a “starchitect” is commissioned here, their work gets messed with and the once promising, original design is completely compromised. Think: Daniel Liebskind’s “L” tower which no longer has it’s base because The Sony Centre is considered a heritage landmark (?!); Frank Gehry’s AGO which was forced to keep part of the 1970s building; Will Alsop’s Westside Lofts, which doesn’t bear any resemblance to the original plans.

  4. Deepa

    at 9:24 pm

    That was a totally gross episode of Dexter. I can’t believe they waited until they were divorced in real life to have a scene like that.
    P.S. I hate the cityplace bridge.

  5. BillyO

    at 2:44 pm

    Speaking of PetSmart, if I’m not mistaken a pet supply store will be going in (or already has?) beside where CIBC is. Nice to know all the dog owners at CP who don’t clean up after their pets won’t have to travel far to get their kibbles and bits.

  6. Anthony

    at 1:44 pm

    Just want to say I really enjoy your blog. It’s tremendously REAL, which is a fresh change to all of the mundane Realtors. There I said it.

    Regarding CityPlace, I don’t know why they bear the blunt of criticism. I think it’s quite unfair in a lot of ways. 90% of all condos are squarish. From a functional point, good design is about function. You don’t design a layout from outside in which some developers do. In otherwords, you don’t say hey lets make a round tower because it looks cool on the outside. Meanwhile on the inside the layouts are crap due to the angles. That’s what I find with CURVE condos. Though they may look cool or different, the layouts are HORRIBLE. Case in point the Waterclub Condo (8 York St, 208-218 Queens Quay). Is the living room is part of the kitchen or is the kitchen in the living room? Another one is the Monet condo (Yonge & Finch) where the curve really messes up the layout. That’s why many condos are square. Tridel is incredibly boring on the exterior, but they know how to do good layouts. I do agree that most developers don’t push the envelope. At least not in Toronto, but CityPlace is not that different to anything else. So if you hate CityPlace, what do you think is a nice condo? One Bloor? ICE? I think the Emerald Park (Yonge and Sheppard) is a nice design. Theatre Park looks cool too.

  7. Mouse

    at 6:33 pm

    HI David,

    You grossly underpriced unit 1703 in 3 Navy Wharf and I feel as though your own biases towards Cityplace came out in your pricing. If you don’t appreciate Cityplace then maybe in future you shouldn’t sell here. You may have lowered the values in my building for a while to come.

    No Thanks
    Long time Cityplace resident

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