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June 27, 2011

This is a great follow-up to the post from a few weeks back – if you can remember the content!

A few of these photos should come with the tagline, “Just when I though the last photo showed that it can’t get any worse….”

Remember the photo I showed a few weeks ago where the owner of a Bloor West Village home had a twig in place of a padlock to secure the garage and its contents?

Well think of the three little pigs here for a moment.

The first pig had a house made of straw, the second made his house from sticks, and the third made his house from bricks.

Well the first photo I had featured a twig in place of a padlock, and now we see the second-strongest padlock-replacement: a spoon!

Also dating back to the last “Photos Of The Week” – consider the photo I posted of knob and tube wiring.

Now, as if knob and tube wiring can’t get any worse…

…how about knob and tube wiring……with hockey tape?

This owner clearly wasn’t watching “Holmes on Homes,” and decided that rather than bringing in an electrician to remedy this multi-decade-old style of electricity, he would simply go to old faithful: his hockey bag.

Most people consider duct tape to be old faithful, but this owner thought better of hockey tape.

Who can blame him?

I’ve NEVER seen anything like this in all my years in the business.

I went to see one of those “renovator specials;” you know the kind advertised on MLS that say, “Attention all renovators!  Needs TLC!”  But for this one they added, “Bring a flashlight!”

The biggest problem with 110-year-old Victorian houses is that the basements are usually 5’7″ and there’s no opportunity create a finished living space.

Well this house had a full 6’1″ to 6’1″ of ceiling height; the only problem was that the floor was rotted right through to the dirt!

Imagine my surprise when I felt that soft, mushy texture of MUD beneath my feet!

These floorboards date back to 1890, and they’ve likely been roted through for decades!

I was making great time in my car as I approached Liberty Village one afternoon, and then I came to a halt!

Imagine my inconvenience when this house on Wellington Street caught on fire!

I swear – this added at least three of four minutes to my commute.

I know what you’re thinking, and don’t worry – I’m okay.

You know how many lofts have those giant concrete pillars in the living space in order to, you know – support the building and all?

I get that they’re a necessary part of engineering and that without them, the building would collapse.

But many, if not most condominium developers will ensure that these poles are tucked neatly away in the corner of a living room or bedroom.

Not the one pictured below!

This pole was right in the centre of the kitchen/living room:

You can just barely open the fridge!

I’m not sure if the following photo needs any description.

Instead of me writing something half-funny, I challenge my readers to come up with the best caption possible for this photo; call it 1-2 sentences.

Here’s my attempt:

“Honey…..we’re out of bleach!”

Look at my little munchkin!  What a PEANUT!

I’ve been an uncle for one year already!  My word, how time flies!

I bought her a pink baseball glove for her first birthday, with her full name and her birthdate monogrammed inside the glove.

She looks like she really likes it – in this photo below!

Except I think shortly after this photo was taken, she threw up Gerber peaches into the pocket of the mitt and then passed out…

And since I can’t possibly ever find a better photo than this, I bid you all adieu!

(PS – Happy Birthday to my big sister who turns 33 today!)

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  1. George

    at 9:51 am

    Those concrete pillars are the worst. Immediate dealbreaker for me as they will always be ugly, dirty, and in the way. Not a day would go by where you weren’t thinking, “There had to be a better way.”

  2. JG

    at 10:04 am

    If you happen to not make it to the bathroom in time, you can at least clean your drawers and yourself at the same time!
    Kind of convenient really.

  3. Kyle

    at 8:17 pm

    “Fully renovated with designer flair and every convenience imaginable, ensuite laundry and luxurious ensuite bathroom. Offers graciously accepted on…”

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