Welcome “Home” To 383 Ellis Park Road!


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March 28, 2012

Ignoring the stupid condo name – “Home,” this is one of my favorite condos outside of the downtown core.

The design is exceptional, as you’ll see from the video below…

I suppose somebody in the marketing department thought “Welcome Home” was a great tagline, and alas, they called this project “Home.”  It’s a bit simple for my liking, but perhaps it’s better than Zip, Zap, Fly, and some of the other ridiculous condo names out there.  Hey – wait a sec – that’s a great idea for a blog post!

383 Ellis Park Road was built by Context Developments, who are also known for Spire, Tip Top Lofts, Mozo, and Radio City, among others.

The building is ten-storeys, but you’d hardly know it if you were standing on Bloor Street!  The building was constructed on a large hill, and thus it’s built all the way down Ellis Park Road.

Ten-storeys, and yet only 46 total units, meaning these units are large, private, and only a handful on each floor!

And the best part, in my (highly biased) opinion is the terraces that belong to every unit, facing south.

There’s nothing quite like looking out over high park from your 200, 400 or even 1,200 square foot terrace!

It occured to me this week that there aren’t nearly as many condominiums in Bloor West Village as there are in other areas.  A new client of mine asked me to put together a list of condos in areas such as Bloor West, Leslieville, Beaches, and other residential neighbourhoods, but other than 383 Ellis Park Ave, the church-conversion at 152 Annette,  and maybe 70 High Park Avenue, not a whole lot of condos are coming to mind! 

And before you beat me to it – I consider 2154 Dundas (Feather Factory), 25 Ritchie, 369 Sorauren (Robert Watson Lofts) to be Roncesvalles, not High Park, and certainly not Bloor West.

With options limited in the area, 383 Ellis Park Ave becomes all the more desirable.  But with only forty-six units in the building, and with only six sales in the building in the past two years, you might be waiting a long time if you’re jet-set on making a home at Home

(sorry I couldn’t resist that pun!)

Written By David Fleming

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  1. Moonbeam!

    at 7:54 am

    DavidI just viewed your video-blog on ‘KARMA’ condos — almost spilled my coffee laughing out loud! you should re-post it for your readers!!

  2. Mike

    at 12:34 pm

    you forgot to mention the “Stroller Starbucks”

  3. David Poon

    at 1:53 pm

    Did you change your camera or mic? The footage is so smooth and there’s no wind noise!

    1. David Fleming

      at 2:07 pm

      @ David Poon

      Yeah I don’t know what to do about the wind noise, or maybe it’s the cheap mic! I was not happy with the audio from the Bird Poop building video.

      But as for the footage – YouTube has an option now that can smoothe it out! They ask, “We noticed that your footage might be shaky. Would you like us to fix this?” I calmly click, “YES.” What a world we live in!!!

  4. Krupo

    at 9:26 pm

    “Green space” is selling it short. That’s freakin’ High Park. Gorgeous. If I recall correctly, was this the land owned by the founders of Pizza Pizza? Regardless, totally agree on it being a fantastic site/place.

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