In This In The Beach Or On The Beach?

July 6, 2023

Is it “The Beaches” or is it “The Beach?”

Ask most Torontonians, and they’ll answer the former.  But ask the people who live north of the Boardwalk, south of Kingston, in between Woodbine and Victoria Park, and they’ll answer the latter!

In today’s Pick5, I want to discuss living in The Beach versus living on The Beach.

And I don’t mean living in a makeshift tent on the sand, mere inches from the water.  I mean living “on” as in adjacent to or close enough, and I might even rely on a hit Netflix show to demonstrate just how close one can live.

If you lived two houses south of Kingston Road, would you tell people you live in The Beach?  Probably.  But would you feel like you’re right on the beach?  Not even close.

In today’s Pick5, one of the condos we’re going to see is literally as close as you can live to the sand and the water without getting a ticket from a bylaw officer for camping out.

And we’ll also look at a variety of price points, from $764,900 to up over $2 Million.

Hope you enjoy!