Studio Condos: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

July 13, 2023

Do people still use the term “shoebox in the sky” to describe small condos?

How about, “Living in a tuna can?”  Do people say that?

The irony is, when people started using these catch-phrases, they condos that they were referring to were probably far larger than comparable units today.

When I started in this business nearly twenty years ago, units under 500 square feet were thought to be miniscule.  Today, we’re routinely seeing floor plans in the 300-square-foot range.

In today’s Pick5, I want to look at five bachelor or “studio” condos and compare and contrast the layouts, floor plans, and sizes, not to mention the respective prices!

A 373 square foot condo could be a better option than a 410 square foot unit if the layout of the former is smart and the layout of the latter is awful.  You’ll see a few examples of “how to kill a floor plan” in today’s video.

With Toronto in the midst of a housing crisis, and with developers building smaller and smaller units, we’re going to somehow have to get used to living in these small spaces.  So why not start today with what I hope will be an educational tour?