Welcome to Hard Loft Living!

February 2, 2023

Do you know the difference between a hard loft and a soft loft?

Do you know why hard lofts are so much more popular than soft lofts?

Do you know why and when hard lofts became all the rage?

These questions, and more, answered in today’s Pick5, which is littered with 1990’s musical references, for a reason that will be explained…..eventually.  Trust me on this – it makes sense!

Downtown Toronto is home to some of the most incredible brick-and-beam lofts you’ll find anywhere in the country, and having been one of the most sought-after property types in the 2000’s and 2010’s, their popularity hasn’t declined at all since then.

And since we don’t expect developers to build any new hard lofts in the future, since the land is far more valuable if a 50-storey tower was built in place of a century-old brick building, hard lofts are going to become even more rare as this city moves forward.

In today’s video, we’ll look at five hard lofts, all priced between $1,150,000 and $1,350,000, and compare and contrast with one-another, while looking at the overall pros and cons of this style of living.

Be prepared to be in awe of some of these incredible spaces!

Hope you enjoy!