Welcome to Leslieville!

November 24, 2022

Do you have any friends that live in Leslieville?  Do you frequent the area for the restaurants, parks, and quaint Queen Street vibe?

What’s your overall impression of the area as a residential neighbourhood?

Contrary to popular belief, which is that “Leslieville is all houses,” there are quite a few condominiums in the area and it’s become a sought-after location for those condo-dwellers who don’t want to live downtown.

While most of the condos are clustered on or around Carlaw Avenue, not all of them are.  And we’re seeing a lot of low-rise and boutique buildings pop up on the sites of former parking lots, or where a few derelict houses once stood.

So today, let me take you on a tour of condos in Leslieville.  I’ll show you a unit in a pocket that was completely razed and transformed, a couple of units in the more traditional Dundas/Carlaw strip, one unit in a very expensive building, and one classic hard loft in one of my favourite buildings in the city.

Ranging in price from $600K to just under $1 Million, this tour will show off a range of locations, styles, sizes, and aesthetics.

Hope you enjoy!