What’s the Going Rate for a Semi-Detached House Nowadays

March 2, 2023

What’s the difference between a semi-detached house and a detached house?

I mean, obviously the difference lays in the fact that one is attached to the property next door, and the other isn’t!  But what I want to know is: what’s the difference in perceived value in a buyer’s eyes?

Some people swear by detached houses.  Others really don’t care if their home shares a wall with their neighbour.

So in today’s Pick5, I want to explore semi-detached houses in five different neighbourhoods in the central core and look the similarities and differences therein.  How big are the lots?  Which ones have parking?  What condition are these houses in and does that make sense for the price?

Bloor West Village, Sherwood Park, Danforth Village, Davisville Village, and Leslieville are pretty well spread out across the core, so let’s look at a semi-detached house in each area, knowing these range from absolutely beautiful and turnkey to properties in need of a total gut!