Where Would I Buy a 1 Bedroom Condo Today?

February 9, 2023

For those of you that are of a certain vintage (read: age), can you think back to the mindset that you were in when you bought your very first condo?

What was your evaluation process like?  What was important to you?

And an important follow-up question: if you were shopping for your very first condo today, do you think the same criteria would apply?

It’s been quite some time since I was a 25-year-old looking for a “box in the sky” to call home.  And while tastes, preferences, styles, and just about everything else in the life of a 20-something has changed since I bought my first condo, I can’t help but wonder how I would look at my options today.

So in this week’s episode of Pick5, I’m going to look at five 1-bed, 1-bath condos, all under $600,000, all without “offer dates,” and show you what I would consider if I were in the market today.

Of course, this comes with the benefit of nearly two decades’ worth of experience in real estate, but I honestly want to know if that will bias me at all, or if I can truly get in the mindset of a 25-year-old in 2023.

Hope you enjoy!