At Toronto Realty Group, we’re not just looking to “put a sign on your lawn.”

When we take on a listing, we implement our selling strategy and formula for success to obtain the highest possible price for your property.

A listing is truly a partnership between us and the seller; both parties must have a mutual respect for one another, and a firm understanding of strategy and objectives. When sellers are interviewing us, we’re interviewing them as well; and it’s crucial that everyone in on the same page in order to maximize the property’s potential.

We believe there is a “right way” to sell real estate for the most money possible, and then there’s everybody else’s way.

Timing, Staging, Pricing & Marketing – these are the Four Tenets of a successful real estate sale, as we say. Our strategy is time-tested, and successful.

We deliver service above our clients’ expectations and expect the same from our trade partners. If your home needs updating we’ll provide you the most efficient, cost-effective, and trustworthy tradespeople to get it looking its best before we go to work.

We have refined our selling strategies over the years, as well as the people we partner with.

Staging Expertise

You only get one first impression and staging your home needs to be perfect, or it risks looking unprofessional. Our staging team is the best in the business, and every property we list reflects our brand, and our style. We are known throughout the industry for the high-quality look and feel of our listings, and we seek to bring out the best in every home we list.

Stellar Photography

A picture says a thousand words and our photographers are second-to-none. In today’s world, your first true “showing” takes place via 40 MLS photos and an online virtual tour so it’s crucial to capture your home at it’s best. We utilize state of the art photography to ensure these digital showings translate into real showings.

Marketing Finesse

Whether it’s a “Just Listed” flyer being dropped to thousands of properties in your area, or a weekend open houses to bring through foot traffic, we utilize these old-school marketing techniques, in conjunction with our digital marketing to deliver the most effective marketing plans available.

Minimize Your Inconveniences, Maximize Your Sale

Feel free to ask us about our track record, we’re an open book. Whether it’s the successes of our past listings, or a demonstration of our current marketing materials and techniques, we’re happy to discuss our philosophy without any obligation.

Selling your home is a process; it can be difficult and it can be stressful.  No home is “ready” for the market, no matter what another agent tells you.

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Let us develop a plan, and initiate a process, for you.