September 28, 2007 1


Conditional Offers

What does it mean to have a “firm deal”?

If both parties agree to the contract, isn’t it as good as done?

In a market where sellers usually have the advantage it IS possible for the buyer to hold all the cards…

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September 25, 2007 3


“Holding Back on Offers”

Why do sellers usually “hold back on offers” when selling their house or condo?

Why would they choose to list their property on a Tuesday, but not look at a single offer until the following Monday?

Allow me to be hypocritical for a moment and say that while this frustrates me to no end when I’m helping my buyer clients, I would NEVER allow one of my seller clients to NOT hold back offers themselves…

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September 24, 2007


Snoop Bloggy Blog…

Some of you may have noticed a few problems with the Toronto Realty Blog lately.

We had a virus on the website and a few bugs that might have re-directed you to a spam page for software.

As well, the format & interface has been changed around a bit.

I have my crack-team working on this problem day and night, and rest-assured, these bugs will be squashed…

September 22, 2007 1


Sad Day in Real Estate

Agents at Bosley Real Estate and people throughout the entire real estate industry are mourning the loss of Krista Stryland.

Krista passed away suddenly on Thursday evening, far before her time should have come.

Krista was an exceptional agent, and an even better person.

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September 20, 2007 3


Should Realtors Pay Land Transfer Tax?

Another day, another newspaper article that has got under my skin.

Why are everybody ganging up on Realtors these days?

Is it just because real estate is the hot topic of the year?

You won’t believe what one newspaper columnist suggested…

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September 19, 2007


Phantom Bids

Did anybody see the article in the Saturday Star “New In Homes” section about phantom bids in real estate?

This article really shook up our office, as our own office manager was called into question in the article.

Here’s a brief summary of the findings…

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