December 21, 2007 1


Beating a Dead Horse…


Don’t call your ex-girlfriend when you’re drunk…..and don’t write on your blog when you’re angry!

I’ve already covered this topic ad nausem, and at the risk of offending smokers, I suggest you skip this post.

For everybody else, please excuse my overwhelming sense of sarcasm as I once again tackle my biggest pet peeve…

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December 20, 2007


Are You From EARTH? No Kidding! So Am I..

When I hear the word “planet,” I think of the red Mars, the frozen Pluto, or how much fun it would be to rollerblade on that ring around Saturn

I don’t really think of the term “planet” in association with our world, because it’s become more like a small globe.

But never before this trip to Eastern Europe did I realize just how small our world really is…

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December 19, 2007 1


I’ve Lost My Inner Monologue…

People use the expression, “I wish I could be a fly on the wall” to describe listening in on a conversation.

As I spend my day wandering around the streets of Budapest, I can’t help but picture my brain…

…and if my brain had walls, and there was a fly on the wall, it might go something like this…

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December 14, 2007


Part-Skim, No-Foam, Mocha-Java, Frappachino…

Do you ever get flashbacks to time and places while listening to a certain song?

I have that happen all the time.  Whenever I hear anything by Pearl Jam I think of my time in Japan; likewise with Offspring I recall my descent from base camp at Mount Everest.

But I also get flashbacks with respect to subject matter of books I read while travelling.

As I’m currently reading Starbucked and simultaneously visiting every coffee house in Belgrade, my mind is racing at the cultural differences…

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December 12, 2007 2


Serbia’s National Sport

We all know that soccer is the world’s national sport; that is to say that most countries consider it their own individual national sport.

But I’ve discovered a new sport in Serbia—their national sport, that all Serbians are really good at.

And I am absolutely terrible at this sport.

It’s called “chain-smoking”….

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