May 29, 2009 7


To Each, Their Own…

Where do you draw the line between personal and professional?

What am I supposed to do when I hear of a friend-of-a-friend who is making a tragic mistake in their real estate purchase?

Perhaps it’s not my place to speak up, but sometimes I just can’t keep my opinions to myself…

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Famous? Or Infamous?

I’m quite flattered by the response I generated with my article in yesterday’s Metro.

But I’m even more flattered by all the weird emails, creepy friend requests on Facebook, late-night crank calls, and of course the black roses that have been sent to my door…

Click on the Metro logo below to see the full story.

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May 26, 2009 10


The Importance Of Lot Size

You know that saying, “They aren’t making any more land”?

Well that phrase resonates every single time I take a look at a new listing.

Some people look at the pretty pictures of the flower garden, while the very first thing I look at is the lot size

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May 25, 2009 4



Ask yourself this question: who is the seller working for?

Is he working for YOU, the buyer, or is he working for himself?

Quite often, buyers think that they are doing the seller a favor by offering on the buyer’s property.  But they’re forgetting that the seller doesn’t have to sell, and if he does sell, he’s going to need some incentive

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May 22, 2009 4


Holding Back on Offers

Trends and fads may come and go.

But do they ever come back?

“Holding back on offers” was the trend when the market was hot, and then we entered a brief lull where buyers ruled the roost and sellers fought for their attention.

But the market is red hot once again, and so too is the hold-back…

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May 20, 2009 1


Ontario’s Tax Harmonization

Just because it’s been a few months, doesn’t mean we all forgot about it!

The GST & PST is still going to be harmonized, and I recently came across a great article in the Financial Post by James McKellar.

Here it is, verbatim…

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