December 22, 2010 30


“Sky Rocketing Real Estate Prices In Desirable Areas Creating Enclave For Super-Wealthy”

Well, if this isn’t the biggest piece of socialist BS ever published, then I don’t wanna know what is!

The premise of this article is basically, “People with more money can afford to buy more expensive houses…..and that’s not fair!”

It’s also not fair that I’m not married to two super-models, that I can’t fly, and that I’m no longer able to spit fire.  I wonder if there’s a media outlet that wants to write an article about that?

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December 21, 2010 10

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Opportunity Knocks!

The timing of this post might seem funny, since I spent two days last week examining financial responsibility.

But it can’t be denied that some of the best deals of the year will be had in the next two weeks, and I think that any property-owner should consider the pros and cons of purchasing new wares for their homes if they can receive a substantial discount.  Of course, I just assume that people would only buy things if they can afford them, but I digress…

I’d like to take a look today at kitchen appliances and how condo-buyers value “Stainless Steel.”

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December 20, 2010 1


New Listings?

It’s that time of year again; the point on the real estate calendar when we basically flip the page to January even though we’ve got almost two weeks left in December.

It’s not like a lot of houses sell on Christmas Day, and most people’s minds are on things other than buying real estate.

But a potential client asked me the other day, “Since there is virtually zero competition at this time, what’s the harm in listing?”  And it made me think…

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December 17, 2010 19


The Friday Rant: Control Yourself!

The article I posted yesterday revealed that the average Canadian now has a debt-to-income ratio of almost 1.5.

When I stand up on my soap-box at Yonge & Dundas Square every Tuesday & Thursday at 3:17PM, one of the things I rant about the most is how much unnecessary spending goes on in today’s culture.

I’d like to start this rant by talking about the perfect example of glorified overspending: Bottle Service.

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December 16, 2010 6


“Debt Alert”

Fantastic!  This article in Tuesday’s Globe & Mail has inspired me for an epic FRIDAY RANT!

The article, which headlines that our debt-to-income ratio has increased 6.7% over last year alone, further reveals that our ratio is now higher than America’s!

I’ve always maintained that Toronto’s ‘new’ culture has spawned a generation of spendthrifts and people who can’t control their own finances, but this article shows it’s not just Toronto; it’s all of Canada…

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