October 30, 2013 78


What’s The Etiquette On Dog Poop?

Oh yeah – we’re going to discuss this.

We can be mature, respectful, and well-spoken, right?

Is it okay for your dog to relieve him or herself on your neighbour’s lawn?  If you said ‘yes,’ and your neighbour disagreed, would you have a problem?

You’d be shocked at how often I come across this…

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October 29, 2013 5


Shut Your Mouth!

I can’t be anymore discreet than that, without holding back and taking away from the story.

You think that all Realtors are created equal?  You think a house sells itself?

Listen to what came out of this agent’s mouth over the weekend, that will cost his sellers $100,000 or more…

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October 28, 2013 11

Photos Of The Week

Photos Of The Week!

You haven’t lived until you’ve watched submarine racing.

It’s tough to follow, and you need to use all five senses (possibly a sixth and seventh if you are a werewolf, vampire, or anything else that is cool with teenage TV viewers these days…), but it can be highly rewarding.

It’s just tough when one sub fault-starts, and they have to go back and begin all over again…


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October 25, 2013 3


This House Is A Dump!

Ugh.  That lame play on words was like something out of a Toronto Sun headline…

But you have to admit, that despite all the crazy and unique houses we see on a steady flow of HGTV shows, there’s nothing quite like this one in South Korea…

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October 23, 2013 4


Are You Averse To “Adverse Possession?”

We’ve talked about the concept of “adverse possession” before, and how the use of land in a certain way, although contradicting the survey or description in Land Registry, might be accepted.

“Might” is the problem I have, and I’d like to look at the worst-case scenario with a situation I had last week, where a right-of-way that is no longer in use could come back to haunt a property owner if the next-door neighbour ever changed his or her mind…

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October 22, 2013 8


Is Your Lawyer Too Smart?

Maybe he is!  Maybe he is so good at what he does, that it’s going to make it impossible for you to buy a property.

We hire lawyers to look out for us, but what happens when their knowledge of the law is taken too far, and it impacts a buyer’s options?

Here’s an example that should split the votes 50/50…

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