April 30, 2018 54

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Is Financial Literacy At An All-Time Low?

Many of you need read no further.  You’re already shaking your head and telling your computer screen, “Yes.”

Some of you might be intrigued by the topic, and want to know where this is all going.

Others will vehemently disagree with the stance I’m going to take in the following story about two potential renters I encountered last month who were completely, utterly unqualified to submit an offer to lease.

Let me begin today with a personal anecdote…

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April 27, 2018 7

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Pre Construction Condos……..And Cake?

Yes, and cake!

This was one of my first Youtube videos, and one that’s been referred to and quoted by industry pundits, both bullish and bearish.

In 2011, frustrated by the people who still didn’t understand the backwards pricing involved with pre-construction condominiums, I decided to dumb things down, and simply compare the purchases to that of cake versus cake mix.

The camera work, the audio, the graphics, and my chocolate-brown suit, all scream “seven years ago.”

Seriously though, the camera work….just, wow…


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April 25, 2018 5

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Funny Toronto Street Names!

This video is originally from 2013, and upon viewing it again, I can’t possibly tell you how much I miss my brush-cut!

I showed a property on Blong Avenue last week, and we were all giggling at the name of the street.  It just sounds like so many silly things, or a combination of a few dirty and/or taboo words.

So in case you haven’t seen it, here’s my take on funny Toronto street names, from 2013, when pleated-pants were only sort of out of style, and before I owned a lav-mic.


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April 20, 2018 18

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At What PRICE Do You Accept The Bully Offer?

Here’s a question that every single seller should be asking him or herself, before a bully offer comes in!

The market is spotty right now, and there are properties sitting on the market, but there are also multiple offers like I’ve never seen.  And with multiple offers, come bully offers.

I’ve had bully offers on my last three listings, so let’s discuss the pros and cons of accepting a bully, and I’ll give you the inside scoop on what my sellers decided…

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April 18, 2018 23


Turn Back The Clocks: Toronto Real Estate In 1914

A client recently sent me an “investment opportunity” that wasn’t quite on the same level as the Real Estate Wealth Expo with your boys Pitbull and Sly Stallone, but close.

Unfortunately, this opportunity expired some time ago.

And by that, I mean over 100-years-ago.  Take a look at this sales brochure, circa 1914, both in terms of the way houses were marketed as an “investment,” but also the prices, the history, and the character…

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