Happy Canada Day Long Weekend!

Opinion | June 30, 2023

By the time you read this, I might already be with the shaman.

We’re probably smudging sage.

I might be looking deep into my heart chakra.

Although at least we get to listen to Soundgarden.  One of my all time favourite singers!

Or maybe my wife said Sound bath?  What the hell is a sound bath?

What’s restorative yoga, anyways?

Will there be any seaweed wrapped around my body?  Time will tell…

But I also know that readership on the Friday before a long weekend is typically muted, at best, so I’m choosing to take today to spend exclusively with my wife of ten years.  In body, at least.  The mind is a funny thing…

My wife said she didn’t want anything for our 10-year anniversary.  She’s not a possessions-type of person.  She doesn’t subscribe to consumerism.  Not only that, her exact words, multiple times over the last month were, “I don’t need or want anything for our anniversary.  I have everything I need here with you and the kids!”

The folks at my office had a good laugh at that.

You should have seen their faces when I said, “…..so in the end, I didn’t get her anything!”

Absolute horror.  I think they were scared for their own safety.

One remarked, “You’re the guy.  You’re going to be ‘that guy’ who we all hear about who actually doesn’t get a single thing for his wife on their ten-year wedding anniversary, and then acts confused as to why it didn’t go so well.  Oh, man.  This is amazing.  I’ve always wondered what ‘that guy’ looks like but he’s sitting right in front of me!”


Is Laura Secord around?  Can I get my wife a box of chocolates or something?

I mean, wouldn’t dare repeat Christmas of 2018 and get her another Insta-Pot…

Folks, we’ve hit the halfway mark of 2023 and I absolutely cannot believe it.

I’m like Jackie Chan watching clips of my old movies and crying because the time has passed by so quickly, but don’t despair, because after the first-half of any year comes the glorious second half.  And that means another 70-80 post here on Toronto Realty Blog, not to mention six more months of activity in the Toronto real estate market.

I have a couple of fun interviews planned for July, which I’ll describe in detail next week as I ask for questions from the readers.

But what else should we do here on TRB in the second half of 2023?

We will be re-designing the website this summer and are hoping for a late-fall launch.

Are there any topics or themes that need to explored and discussed?

Are there any features, either existing or not, that need to be included, changed, updated, or deleted in the TRB V 6.0?

I’m all ears.

Except my ears are probably in this goddam sound-bath right now, which is slightly better than a mud bath.  I think…

Wishing everybody a safe, happy, and memorable Canada Day long weekend!

See you all back here on Tuesday.


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  1. Daniel

    at 9:39 am

    Can you get Benjamin Tal on for an interview? 😂

  2. Ed

    at 9:57 am

    David: for the next design of TRB would you consider a thumbs-up and thumbs-down or like/dislike button for comments?

  3. Nobody

    at 11:47 am

    The right asner to “I don’t want anything for anniversary/birthday/christmas is something from Tiffany.

    A nice, understated tennis bracelet would be a great choice. Half of the commission from one sale will look very nice and won’t impact your cashflow.

    Of course your employees were worried for their own safety. Your wife’s revenge may entail the rapid unplanned disassembly of your office while they’re inside! Or at least the rapid demise of your firm and at least a short term shock to their careers!

    No thoughts on new features – I’m better at reacting to proposals than coming up with something from a blank slate. Maybe do a post with proposed versions and possible new features to see what the reaction is?

  4. Bankersorta

    at 12:48 pm

    When she goes ballistic when you give her nothing just respond…..so the one time I finally listen to you and do as you ask, this is the thanks I get?

    1. Nobody

      at 2:58 pm

      Do you want to get murdered MORE?? Because that’s how you get murdered more.

      Or like vivisected with serious effort to keep you alive as long as possible

  5. Marina

    at 2:03 pm

    “I don’t want anything” is usually code for “I’m not going to make this easy for you.” Usually means she want something thoughtful, insightful and surprising, so yeah good luck with that. 🙂

    For features, I’d love a feature on how property elements do and should impact price. You pepper elements in your blog, but I think it would be useful to get your thoughts on what makes certain property elements better. Some posts might be
    – some of Toronto’s best condo buildings and that makes them so
    – curb appeal
    – school districts
    – house across from a feature – yay or nay – e.g. park, school, store, fire station etc
    – trends in design and are they worth it
    – House position on a street and how that tends to impact value (corner lot, busy street, next to a reno house vs next to a future tear-down, north vs south facing, etc)
    I remember learning so much about these things when we were house shopping and I’d love to get your thoughts and experience after so long in the business.

    1. Nobody

      at 3:03 pm

      excellent list! Especially condo buildings. There are some great buildings that have serious hidden challenges – bad elevators, constant leaks, etc, that take what should be a top 5% building to unlivable.

      As to parks and schools – REALLY depends on the school or park. Some that are absolutely amazing to live next to, some that are problems. Rosedale and Ramsden Park are great to live beside – Bellwoods and Alan Gardens are problems.

  6. Libertarian

    at 2:30 pm

    Since you and probably many of your clients have young kids, and seeing how expensive Toronto will be in another 20 years, how about a guide on how to teach parents how to buy property for their kids.

    Or is the short answer: “don’t bother. Just build an addition on your house because they’ll never be able to afford to move out.”

  7. Ace Goodheart

    at 10:06 am

    Happy Canada Day!

    Spent the long weekend up at the cottage, out on the boat and driving my classic car collection into town.

    Thinking the whole time, if the woke movement is successful in getting a liberal coalition in Ontario, all of this is over (cottage life I mean).

    They’ll put in place a Province wide empty homes tax and it will cost 40 to 50k per year to keep this cottage.

    The cottage industry will be destroyed and all these little northern Ontario towns that rely on summer tourism as their main economic activity will cease to exist.

    Yay woke Liberals. Just destroying everything

  8. Nick

    at 11:09 am

    I like the thumbs up reaction but also the reaction bar I see on other forums.(thumbs up, care emoji, haha emoji, etc).

    If I were to ask about things I would like to know:

    Costs to build housing in the 416(/sq.ft). Can the city actually build family sized affordable units as of 2023.

    Introducing mixed uses in inner suburb communities and how that can be done so we can increase walk scores without fully changing neighborhoods.

    Idiots guide for first time investors in multi unit(six plex or more) and what property management costs are like.

    1. Nick

      at 11:12 am

      Oh and whether or not folks should buy their retirement properties today(assuming they can) instead of waiting till their empty nesters. Lock in todays price, rent, move when ready)

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