How To Revolutionize The “Open House”


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December 12, 2014

“Saturday/Sunday, 2-4pm.”

We see this on every MLS listing when they come out, and often I wonder, “Isn’t there something more we could be doing to differentiate our listings from the pack?”

The real estate industry is changing every day, both in terms of how we work, as well as how we sell.  Isn’t there a new spin to the old idea of the weekend open house?

Somebody sent me this video earlier in the week, and while I don’t speak Dutch, I think the video speaks for itself…

Great.  Now every time I go on a listing appointment, the home-owners will expect me to build a freakin’ roller coaster!

Novelty?  Yes.

But pretend for one second that you don’t want to ride that roller-coaster!

I’m sick with the flu, folks.  So this is about as much as I can muster up on a Friday morning.

Have a great weekend, and no, you can never get tired of chicken noodle soup…

Written By David Fleming

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  1. Paully

    at 10:35 am

    Ridiculous…but damn, wouldn’t it be awesome to have your own personal roller coaster around your property?

  2. moonbeam!

    at 2:42 pm

    Feel better soon David!

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