MLS Musings – Photo Edition!

MLS Musings! | November 17, 2014

Every time I see something on MLS that boggles my mind, or makes me laugh, I quickly take a screen shot, put it into a .jpg, and save it in a special file.

This Fall, I’ve noticed that I’m doing this a LOT more than I used to.

Have listings gotten worse?  Or is this the “new normal?”

Usually, my “MLS Musings” feature refers to the write-ups and errors, but I have so many photos from MLS that require attention, I figured we should tackle it all in a special post…


Let’s start off with one of my favourites.

I’m always complaining about agents who don’t use any photos of the property they’re selling, and thus the “Photo Not Available” is the result.

Some agents, it seems, don’t even visit the properties they’re selling!

Well, thanks to Google Maps, we can continue to be lazy.

Behold – the feature photo for this listing:


Wait….I said the one above was my favourite, but I was wrong.

It’s this one below.

Here’s the shot of the MLS listing as it appears:


I know what you’re thinking: “How come the feature photo is all blurry and stretched?”

Good question.

Maybe a bad camera?

Or the person taking the photo is legally blind in one eye, and they’re using that eye to focus?

I honestly can’t think of anything worse than that one feature photo.

Although, if there was anything worse than that one feature photo, it would probably look like this:


Some agents don’t know when, or how, to use the “flash” on their camera.

Note to self: “Use flash in the dark, or, turn on lights in house.”


Second note to self: “Don’t use flash outside in daylight.”


“Buy this house, and God himself will shine a light down upon thee….”


And last but most certainly not least, let’s consider what a house would look like if it were designed by Cosmo Kramer.

Have a look at what Kramer thinks:

If Kramer built a house for Jerry, it would look something like this.

Enjoy! 🙂

Woody1 Woody2 Woody3 Woody4 Woody5

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  1. hoob

    at 12:37 pm

    The wood pictures look like raytraced and texture mapped renderings, some designer’s idea of an inside joke. Saddly, I don’t think they actually are, and there’s an actual house out there like this.

  2. Chroscklh

    at 1:53 pm

    Back my village – this not uncommon. Is when whole house is sauna. When live in north east europe, it gets the most cold. Combine with stressful job – only relief is 24/7 sauna. Grandfather build first one, he die in 72 hour but he die relaxed for first time in 30 year.

    1. Christian

      at 5:54 pm

      Very “Borat” like amusing comments from you all the time. I wonder whether you’re legit?

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