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November 28, 2011

AKA, “Photos of the Week.”

And to think – these are just the photos that I feel comfortable posting on my blog!  Oh, if only this was completely anonymous…

Hazel should probably get that second hand looked at.  I mean, nobody is perfect, and I have my own physical imperfections but a second hand?!?!  Maybe that’s why she’s always got one hand in taxpayer’s pockets!  ZING!

Last week was a very, very busy week and I feel as though I likely went through over fifty houses and condos.

If only I could post the photo of the room with nine photos of Jesus.  Oh, if only!  But it’s just too easy to identify and I don’t want to get in (more) trouble…

Nevertheless, here are a few choice pics from the week that was…

I’m no electrician, but it’s easy for me to point out knob-and-tube wiring in the basements of older, questionable homes.

However, when you walk through the front door and see something like what’s in the photo below, you need look no further!

Any time you see these “button” light-switches, you know the wiring is older than your grandparents:

Have you ever woken up in a cold-sweat and blurted, “I simply must find carpet with a constellation-like pattern”?

Well, sleep-easy, my friend!

I can ask the owner of this lovely home where he or she got that incredible blue masterpiece:

This is just a slap in the face!

“The Modern” on Richmond Street is one of the most delayed-projects I’ve seen in recent memory.  I’ve written about this project before – how they were offering 5% commissions to Realtors 3-4 years ago when they were really having trouble selling.

This project was supposed to be finished in 2010, but was pushed back, and back, and back.

Here we see the billboard that was erected about 18 months ago that reads “Occupancy Summer 2011.”

Well, I’m not expert, but I believe that the summer is over.  Does the developer care?  Looks like not.

Sidenote: whose idea was it to put the sales centre for a Richmond/Sherbourne condo down at Spadina/Front?

I’ve shown many photos of old wiring before, but this one takes the cake!

I’ve simply never seen anything like this.  Ever.  Period.  (.)

This has become a new pet peeve of mine…

One of the new ‘fads’ in home design is a dining room table where the heads are seated in individual chairs, and the other four occupants of the dining room share two benches.

It looks neat, but how does this work in practice?

Two people share one bench, so every time person-A has to get up to use the bathroom or get some salt, person-B has to get up and slide the bench out.

Who decided this was a great idea?  Was it Martha Stewart?  I know she’s infallible, but this is ridiculous.

What was wrong with six chairs?

Here is one home-owner’s idea of “ready for sale.”

Is that a Super-Soaker 3000?  Does that come with the house?

Last but not least, this one is really dirty, and if you’re reading this before lunch, you might want to skip it.

I understand that not all houses are built according to the same specifications, but I’d like to think that this is the ONLY house on the planet with what you see below.

Those are the kitchen cabinets and the kitchen counter.

And that white pipe – the one running through the cabinets, where you store your food, and down through the kitchen counter, where you prep your dinner – do you know what that pipe is?

That’s the plumbing stack that runs from your toilet and sink in the upstairs bathroom.

Everything that goes through your upstairs bathroom also goes directly through your kitchen.



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  1. Moonbeam!

    at 8:35 am

    I have seen that same blue carpet in my brother’s basement play-room, good for kids!!

  2. Devore

    at 12:43 pm

    The bench seating is probably staging to make the dining “area” take up less room visually. It would look much more busy and crowded if there were 4 more chairs with backs sticking out around the table.

  3. JC

    at 3:52 pm

    Personally, I find the two electrical sockets mounted differently, within what looks to be 18 inches of each other, to be more offensive than the plumbing stack – as long as the contents being transported are on the *inside* of the stack.

  4. Kyle

    at 9:15 am

    What’s up with…

    1) Those crazy crooked candles on the dining table? Imagine if they were all lit, that would be an inferno waiting to happen.

    2) The fishnet stocking on the waste stack?

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