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August 4, 2016

I sat down to try to write something for Thursday, and I just stared at the screen for a half-hour.  Honest.

I got nothin’ left, folks.  I need a vacation!

I’ll be in Victor, Idaho until August the 10th, and I’m cutting back to……four hours a day of work!

I already have an idea for Monday’s blog – a tour of our modest lil’ house here in Victor…


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  1. jeff316

    at 9:47 am

    Awesome. Have fun. Best part of the continent hands down.

  2. Lucy

    at 5:34 pm

    You deserve it! Take a week or two off from blogging, I don’t think most readers expect you to keep it up 52 weeks a year!

  3. Drake

    at 9:03 pm


    Got a hankering for some spuds?

  4. moonbeam!

    at 9:16 am

    Hi Dave – have the best time down there – western style! blue sky, wide open spaces, country music!!
    looking forward to your post-vacation blog posts! 🙂

  5. hoob

    at 4:14 pm

    Nice tetons.

  6. Luka

    at 8:24 pm


    Me want blog!!!!

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