Private Rooftop Terrace!

Condos | August 4, 2010

Here is a video I shot back in April that fell through the cracks.  For a self-described “terrace lover,” I have no idea how I didn’t immediately post this on my blog!

This is truly a one-of-a-kind condo in that the unit has it’s own private terrace, which just happens to be the roof of the entire building!

Okay, I just watched that video again and I think I feel queasy.  Sorry about the shaky footage; it was like watching the O.J. Simpson car chase….on drugs…

But I can honestly say that I have never seen the entire roof of a building belong to a single unit-owner in that building!

The terrace doesn’t look like much since it’s completely empty, but what could you do with 1700 square feet?

That’s bigger than most people’s condo!

Now maybe you only get four solid months of full-time usage out of that terrace.  I often forget that not everybody barbecues in the dead of winter like me.  Then again, most people also know that the trees on their terraces will die without water…

The funny part about this condo in particular is that the interior layout was so God-awful.  The eat-in area of the kitchen was equal in size to the living room, which made for massive confusion, and the “dining room” was more like the “dining cave” since it was enclosed with doors on both sides (leading to kitchen and living room respectively) and was about the last place in the world that I’d like to eat dinner with six friends.  The master bedroom didn’t have any closets (or enough closets for a $1.5 Million condo), and it happened to stare out at another building which was about twelve feet away.


Awesome terrace, awful unit.

I guess if you had tons of money, no job, liked suntanning, and found away to rotate the earth so that we had summer twelve months of the year – this rooftop terrace might just be your next “home”…

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  1. mike

    at 11:14 am

    Its funny all I can see are the little square metal covers hiding the roof anchors and imagine the workers coming thru the condo onto the terrace with their equipment and ropes for 2 weeks while they washed the windows. Is it empty because its never been occupied? or cant the seller get any furniture up the stairs?

  2. Mel

    at 9:52 am



    I cannot imagine a $1.2 million condo being priced with the interior layout you just described… no wonder they included the rooftop terrace!

    I mean, could an all-season hot tub work here? Or huge cypress trees and some Donna Karan outdoor furniture and a barbecue? I can smell the honeyed short ribs from here…

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