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Condos | November 24, 2010

Here’s one thing I’ve never really been concerned about before with respect to my own condo: privacy.

I live on the second floor and there are likely 100 balconies where people can see me as I sunbathe in hot-oil on my terrace during the summer.

But inside my condo, I have the shades drawn.

I’m not sure why buyers are drawn to large, bright, open lofts that are 14-feet off the ground with zero privacy… 

Creepy video?

You be the judge.

But I guess the point I’m trying to make has less to do with the privacy preferences of the individual, and more of the privacy options.

In order to have any privacy, this resident would have to completely draw his shades.  He’s only 14 feet off the ground, and he has floor-to-ceiling windows.  There’s no way that this resident can sit inside his condo with the shades open and expect even an iota of privacy.

There are second floor units in condominiums that come with an expectation of privacy.  It all depends on how the building is constructed.  Maybe there is a small sliding door onto a patio and it’s set back from the building exterior.  Maybe it’s tougher to see inside the condo over that patio ledge.

But the building in the video clearly demonstrates how the design of a condominium could affect the privacy, or in this case, the complete lack thereof.

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  1. Marina

    at 7:54 am

    The only reason to live that close to the ground in a condo building is the terrace option. If you want the condo lifestyle and the outdoor space, then it makes total sense.

    But why would anyone buy a condo that is essentially a storefront window??

  2. Craig

    at 1:21 pm

    These are nowhere near as bad as the literal store front condos on the ground level in the Chocolate Co lofts on Queen. It’s a high traffic area, so if they don’t draw their blinds, their lives are really on display. Atleast this bldg is in a pretty quiet area at night, so you only get the odd guy with a video camera lurking around. 😉

  3. David

    at 11:39 am

    A good number of those lower level units are inhabited by renters.

    I’m a renter in VU as well, and I purposely chose a unit facing George Street so that we could have some more privacy (and less street noise). I think the creepiest units are the townhouse units that face Richmond. The foot traffic on Richmond is somehow oddly sketchier than on George.

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