June 29, 2011 10


Taking It To The Streets!

The street on which you live can affect the value of your property both negatively and positively.

It could be something as insignificant as the name of your street, or something as major as the crack house across the road.

Here’s a short-list of factors to consider when looking at a given street…

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June 28, 2011 9


Remove Your Personal Items When STAGING & Selling!

I simply cannot stress this enough.

There is no shortage of TV shows these days that deals with how to stage and sell a property, but I don’t think it really hits home for people until you see it up close and perhaps have a real-world spin put on it.

Here are a few stories from the past week about how my buyers viewed properties that weren’t staged and had too many personal affects…

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June 27, 2011 4


Photos Of The Week!

This is a great follow-up to the post from a few weeks back – if you can remember the content!

A few of these photos should come with the tagline, “Just when I though the last photo showed that it can’t get any worse….”

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June 24, 2011 7

Quick Hits!

Quick Hits!

A couple of unprecedented stories lead off this week’s edition of Quick Hits.

Just how far are you willing to go to get the house of a lifetime?  Would you jeopardize a life-long friendship?

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June 22, 2011 15


The “One Bedroom Effect”

It’s a new term, in fact, I just thought of it now.

But there are a ton of new developments in Toronto that consist mainly of one-bedroom units, and this points to one, clear, identifiable buyer pool: INVESTORS.

If you build a condo with 84% one bedroom units, the effect it will have on the building is obvious…

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June 21, 2011 11


New TREB Districts!

If you’ve ever complained about how difficult it is to navigate through www.mls.ca or www.realtor.ca, don’t feel as if nobody is listening!

On July 5th, the Toronto Real Estate Board is implementing new districts to replace classics such as “C10” and “W02.”

Who doesn’t like living in a place called “W02?”

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